Every man, woman and child in Ireland has paid €13,956 to bail out the banks. Please come and show your opposition to how we’re being sold out next Monday in Bray, alongside the Ballyhea Bondholder protesters, myself and a host of others.

Ballyhea is a rural parish in Cork that has been marching in protest against the conversion of private bank debt to sovereign debt since March, 2011. They will be protesting outside the Dail on September 18th and the day before they’ll be coming to Bray to protest. I marched with them before, and am really looking forward to marching alongside them again. This time in Wicklow.

Monday, September 17, 2012, 5.30pm @ Bray Town Council Building, beside the Mermaid Arts Centre.

How can you help…

  • You can come down on the day. We’ll be meeting from 5.15 to 5.30 at the Bray Civic Offices, beside the Mermaid Arts Centre. We might even have a drink and a chat afterwards.
  • You can say you’re coming on Facebook and invite friends who you think will be interested.
  • You can give out leaflets in your area – if you’re interested in doing this. Email Steve.