I am calling for an urgent intervention from Minister Richard Bruton to avoid primary school students being educated in a bar.

The issue arises due to a shortage of space at Greystones Community National School. Many of the parents are strongly opposed to the proposal, including on religious grounds.

I have been working closely with the parents and school all year, on issues including the building of the new school, safety concerns, location of two additional portakabins, and most recently on seeking funding to avoid the children having to be educated in a bar.

I have now raised the issue with Minister Bruton two weeks in a row, and have been in contact with Department officials in Forward Planning Unit.

It is completely unacceptable that young children would have their classroom located in a bar. The need for the portakabins has been known about for a year, and serious questions need to be asked regarding the planning for this being left so late. Wicklow County Council are doing everything they can to help, but I cannot understand why the KWETB didn’t have this issue sorted out months ago.

A relatively small amount of funding is required to put a temporary portakabin in place, and I have asked the Minister to make that funding available immediately.