Ballyhea bondholder bailout protest

Ballyhea is a small, rural parish on the main Cork/Limerick road, close to Charleville. Between the two towns they have held the most incredibly dignified protest against the conversion of private bank debt to sovereign debt that is effecting every man, woman and child in Ireland.

The Ballyhea bondholder bailout protest began on March 6th 2011, when then prospective Taoiseach Enda Kenny said just after the general election that he’d be going back on his pre-election promise of burden-sharing with the bondholders. 75 weeks later they are still protesting.

This weekend I’m honoured to be joining them. The protest has migrated from to Charleville and will run from 11.30 till noon on Sunday. Constantin Gurdgiev will also be there and afterwards we’ll be holding a short talk and will answer questions in the Park Hotel.

Anyone in the area should come down and join us, and if you can’t make it you can show your support by liking their Facebook Page.