It has emerged that Bray is the only town in Wicklow that the new Educate Together Secondary School will serve. School patronage was awarded to Educate Together in Bray on the back of the needs of parents and children in Wicklow. 1,066 families in Wicklow expressed interest in a second level Educate Together School. Only 133 families from outside of Wicklow expressed any interest in the school. And yet, a decision has been made that the main feeder schools will be in Bray, Ballybrack and Kilternan.

If there are still places once these areas have been served, the School will accept children from Greystones and Balinteer. This is completely unacceptable given the demand for access to Second level educate together schools in Wicklow. I have written to the minister asking him to re-examine the catchment area and consider redrawing it to recognise the needs that were used to decide on the patronage of the school in the first place – the needs of parents in Wicklow. You can see the letter here.